(dis)connect cast members Dimi Sunderland, Keegan Stamp and Jaime Unmack spoke to us so you could get to know them before this July's production at the Shenton Performing Arts Centre.

Where are you from? Where did you grow up?

Dimi: Originally from Forbes in the central west of NSW but moved to Ulladulla on the NSW South Coast before relocating to Geelong in May of 2017.
Keegan: I was born in Geelong and I have lived here for as long as I can remember.
Jaime: I was born in Castlemaine, then spent most of primary school living in Drysdale. I then moved to Teesdale in 2009.

Where have you studied?

Dimi: Began dancing at Lia’s School of Dance in Forbes before moving to Sydney to attend The McDonald College. Continued my dance at the Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Sydney in 2015.
Keegan: I have studied at Belmont High School from year 7 to the present day. I'm currently in year 11. Before that I was in Montpellier Primary School from prep to grade 6. I've been dancing at Impetus Dance Theatre for several years now.
Jaime: I went to St. Thomas Primary School and completed high school at Clonard College. I first started dancing with Debbie Lee and then when I moved, danced with Cari’s School of Dance for 8 years.

Dimi Sunderland, Keegan Stamp and Jaime Unmack ready for all the emotions of  (dis)connect .

Dimi Sunderland, Keegan Stamp and Jaime Unmack ready for all the emotions of (dis)connect.

What's your favourite/best performance you've been involved in? Any other highlights? 

Dimi: The last performance I had with the Academy of Music and Performing Arts would be my favourite. The ballet was a lot of fun to be in and it challenged me a lot. Another highlight would be putting together my dance film for a university subject. I realised that I enjoyed filming dance just as much as I enjoyed dancing it.
Keegan: I don't have a favorite show, but I have been in SIGNIFICANCE, On The Move, Chicago, Wizard of Oz and Song Contest.
Jaime: I always enjoy end of year showcases but competitions are always a highlight. I love being able to see what other people’s interpretation of styles are and seeing different types of choreography. I’ve done a few musicals which have also been super fun seeing how shows come together.

What do you do for work?

Dimi: I am a ballet teacher the majority of the time but I also help out with the senior women’s football team at Grovedale Football Club.
Keegan: I'm studying year 11 and currently not employed.
Jaime: I mostly work as a barista and waitress at Freckleduck and Offshore Cafe and Catering.

Keegan, Dimi and Jaime in preparation for the show.

Keegan, Dimi and Jaime in preparation for the show.

What are your interests outside of dance?

Dimi: I really enjoy being out in nature. I usually just jump in my car and drive somewhere that I’ve never been and go walking for hours on end.
Keegan: I play video games and watch YouTube and when I'm not doing that I'm hibernating in my bedroom.
Jaime: Outside of dance, my main other passion is running. I’m a long distance runner having done my first half marathon when I was 16 and currently training for my first full marathon. I also love sewing and making costumes, anything that allows me to be creative. I also train at a circus school focusing on Lyra (aerial hoop).

What inspires you?

Dimi: I don’t have one thing that inspires me but continually allowing myself to be more open inspires me everyday.
Keegan: The abnormal events that occur in everyday life are what inspire me the most.

Dimi, Keegan and Jaime starring in  (dis)connect .

Dimi, Keegan and Jaime starring in (dis)connect.

Dimi and Keegan, you've both choreographed a piece for (dis)connect, could you tell us about them?

Dimi: The piece I choreographed explores the concept of reality when the mind disconnects from the body and you are no longer in control. It examines the effects the mind has on an individual when they realise that they can no longer trust their own psychological processes.
Keegan: My piece, Infinite Horizon, is about the idea of someone being missing and believing that they are still there. The audience is meant to feel that someone is missing, because there is, and the story of my piece is about the journey of coming to accept that the missing person isn't coming back. I'd like to thank ADC for allowing me the opportunity to choreograph this piece.

What's your favourite song?

Dimi: At the moment, Uncomfortable - Halestorm.
Keegan: These are the Lies - The Cab.
Jaime: Anything from the Burlesque soundtrack but otherwise currently I love ‘2002’ - Anne Marie.

What's your favourite dance genre?

Dimi: Definitely Ballet!
Keegan: Contemporary.
Jaime: Modern Jazz and Hip Hop.

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What's your biggest pet peeve?

Dimi: Walking behind a bunch of slow people and you can’t get past!
Keegan: My family members going in my room and annoying me.
Jaime: Rude people.

What's your biggest guilty pleasure?

Dimi: I don’t like to admit it, but listening to Taylor Swift.
Keegan: Procrastinating.
Jaime: Curly Wurly chocolate bars 😂

Monte Carlo or Kingston?

Keegan: Neither.

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(dis)connect is on at the Shenton Performing Arts Centre this July 13th and 14th.
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