It is with immense gratitude that we congratulate everyone involved in our recent production of (dis)connect. 

Our generous audience, thank you for your kind words and rapt attention. To the parents of our Youth Cast, thank you for your support and encouragement of not just your young performers, but of us and the production itself. 


To Geelong High School, thank you for having us at your beautiful venue. To Sherree Nash from Impetus Dance Theatre and Jana Kolacz from DanceWorks Geelong, your generosity and support means the world to us.

To Mumma J, (aka Janette Shaw) and everyone in our FOH team, we could not have done it without you. Jan, Victoria, Fiona, Kerryn, Julie, Kerry, James and Georgia, thank you so much. 


To our beautiful team of choreographers, words can't express the gift you've given us. You shared a piece of your soul with us and our lucky audiences, we are so proud and forever grateful. 


To our amazing guest performer Stacey Carmichael, you inspire us every day with your kindness, encouragement and talents. Thank you for sharing your immense talents with us on this production.


To our Youth Cast, to achieve what you did in just 5 days is astounding, not to mention the quality of technique of dancing, but your beautiful performances moved us so much, and your funny performances were a standout. "When in doubt, improv it out!" Congratulations and thank you for your hard work. 


To our adult cast, thank you. Thank you for your huge determination. Thank you for being beautiful, kind, honest people. Thank you for putting a smile on our face every week. So many people have told us that they knew straight away that we made something really special together. It has been a pleasure to watch you shine and grow these last few months. 


To Elyssa Mahr, our prolific Attitudian. Thank you for the laughs and sharing your gift with us. You truly went above and beyond and are such an integral part of not only this show, but of ADC as a whole. We are so proud of the dancer, choreographer, teacher, friend and woman you have become. 


Our fearless leaders Xavier and Jayson are ready for a nap, but are feeling so proud and touched by this amazing experience. Your smiles, kind words and presence have made the long days and late nights more than worth it.

Thank you,
-Xavier and Jayson