Want to get to know more (dis)connect cast members? Well we talked with Monique Powe, Xavier Robertson and Kerry Hobbs today for you!

Where are you from? Where did you grow up?

Monique: I am from Ocean Grove and have lived here my entire life. I've loved growing up in Ocean Grove as it's such a calm and lovely suburb with the BEST beach sunsets!
Xavier: Born and raised in Geelong.
Kerry: I grew up in Geelong and have continued to live here while working in Melton for 16 years.

Where have you studied?

Monique: I went to Sacred Heart College Geelong for my high school studies in which I studied dance, VCE and VET dance which allowed me to gain knowledge for my further studies after graduating. I now study dance full time at Jason Coleman's Ministry Of Dance. I previously danced with DanceWorks Geelong for 16 years.
Xavier: I studied dance with Impetus Dance Theatre, Collision Dance and Attitude Dance Company. I went to Belmont High School and completed a Bachelor of Science at Deakin University.
Kerry: I've been at numerous dance schools around Geelong. I spent most of my Primary School years studying Boravanski method at Robyn Lee School of Ballet, moving to Kerrie McBean and Anne Carrick and then on to Impetus Dance Theatre where my love of performance really kicked off. I've spent short stints at Unitd Styles, Infinite Dance Studios, NB dance and Parallax. I'm currently dancing at the Loft doing Contemporary and Ballet and went back to Impetus where I got to know our wonderful director Xave. I'm now doing his quite physical Contemporary classes at ADC. I have a BA Ed and a BEd from Deakin.

Monique, Xavier and Kerry in position for  (dis)connect .

Monique, Xavier and Kerry in position for (dis)connect.

What's your favourite/best performance you've been involved in? Any other highlights? 

Monique: My favourite performances so far would have to performing at White Night in Melbourne and in the Victorian Dance Festival at the start of 2018. White Night was a big highlight for me as it was a challenge to dance for the entire 12 hours of the event. Being involved in (dis)connect is also a highlight as it is my first involvement with Attitude Dance Company and has been a great new professional experience!
Xavier: I have a few favourites, performing and creating both Forbidden and Muse with Collision Dance and performing in Headcase and SIGNIFICANCE with Attitude.
Kerry: I've loved being involved in all my performances. More recently, I got to be involved in Awkward, a small piece choreographed by Lyndel Quick which allowed me to get into physical theatre a bit more. I love working with Xavier McGettigan, we share similar teaching philosophies! My roles in (dis)connect allow me to really connect acting with dance. It's ridiculously fun.

What do you do for work?

Monique: I am an assistant teacher at DanceWorks Geelong and work as a waitress in Ocean Grove.
Xavier: I work as a support worker for Gateways Support Services in Geelong.
Kerry: I'm a teacher. I worked for 16 years doing just about anything and everything at Melton Christian College. Now I'm a parent, I've been doing CRT at various schools around Geelong, also doing just about anything. I am about to start a new dance role at Geelong Baptist College.

Monique Powe leading the number "Gallows Hill" for the show.

Monique Powe leading the number "Gallows Hill" for the show.

What are your interests outside of dance?

Monique: Art! I love drawing in my spare time. I love media, taking photos and videos of my friends/family and nature! I love going to art galleries and theatre shows whenever I get the opportunity! Its sometimes hard to make time for other interests as I'm always dancing and that always comes first for me.
Xavier: I love movies and cooking, lots and lots of cooking.
Kerry: I'm keenly passionate about teaching and connecting with students. I have been an Art and Dance teacher as well. My husband is a gifted musician and I had a dabble at being in a few bands with him before having kids. I love going to his gigs when I can and seeing the broad range of styles he plays.

What inspires you?

Monique: Music! Music can make you feel so many different emotions and feeling. Music inspires me with things like new choreography and creating new art.
Kerry: Who- My Aunty Roylene was my first dance inspiration. Margot Fonteyn for her longevity. What- Quality, unbiased teaching. Music that has fluid, melodic lines. Aesthetics and unity in dance.

We can't wait to share Xavier, Kerry and Monique's performances in  (dis)connect  this July.

We can't wait to share Xavier, Kerry and Monique's performances in (dis)connect this July.

What's your favourite song?

Monique: Everytime We Touch - Cascada
Xavier: Fly - Nick Drake
Kerry: Stockholm Syndrome - Muse and The Rain Song - Led Zeppelin

What's your favourite dance genre?

Monique: Contemporary or Lyrical.
Xavier: Contemporary.
Kerry: Ballet and Contemporary. I love Jazz. I also love Hip Hop except I'm not that great at it due to my ballet body.

Favourite Dance Styles (continued)

What's your biggest pet peeve?

Monique: People who crack their knuckles in front of me. Yeah yuck.
Xavier: Lateness.
Kerry: Drivers who don't pay attention, who drive slowly or erratically and who cause mobile road blocks! Nepotism and those who deliberately show lack of respect and empathy towards others.

What's your biggest guilty pleasure?

Monique: Chocolate and Netflix combined.
Kerry: Ummm... Peanut M&M's?

Monte Carlo or Kingston?

Monique: Neither, I prefer Oreos.
Xavier: Monte Carlo.
Kerry: Peanut M&M's.

Monte Carlo vs. Kingston (continued)

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