This January 19th and 20th, we opened and closed our very first production for 2018, "On The Move". Our youth cast spent just one week putting the show together with choreographers Xavier McGettigan and Elyssa Mahr.

The cast (made up of six 11-17 year olds) put up an amazing performance, and we're very proud of what they achieved. Our rehearsals were held at the beautiful Infinite Dance Studios in Breakwater. 

Maddie high-kicking her way into our  On The Move  promo video. 

Maddie high-kicking her way into our On The Move promo video. 

On The Move performer Maddie said "I have never worked so hard before. Working with Xavier, Jayson and Elyssa and of course the rest of the cast was brilliant. Thank you for inspiring me and motivating me to work harder and if any one is interested in doing this I 100% encourage you to give it a try. The staff are amazing people and you will enjoy it for sure."

Another performer, Ella, said of the experience: "For someone who hasn't had a great amount of dance experience, I was worried I would find the routines too difficult.

Admitedly, I found some of the phrases challenging at first but by asking questions and being taught by some of the best teachers I've ever worked with, I learnt so much in my 5 days under the tuition of Attitude Dance Company.

The experience was immensely enjoyable and I found that even when I felt so exhausted and I thought I would never be able to move again, I still was bouncing up the next morning to do it all over again."

Ella at  On The Move  rehearsals. 

Ella at On The Move rehearsals. 

Enrolments for our Winter Workshops are already open for dancers aged between 10 and 18 years old. Click here to enrol your child now!

On Sunday 4th February, our weekly casual Open Advanced Contemporary Classes return for 2018. Now at the new time of 6pm on Sunday nights at Infinite Dance Studios. Click here to find out more. 

What an exciting start to 2018, thanks again to our amazing cast and crew of On The Move, we can't wait to get stuck into the rest of the year!