Last Monday, the cast of our upcoming dance production: (dis)connect had their first rehearsal, and we think it's about time you met them:


We are very excited to welcome back some Attitude veterans, and are thrilled that we have so many performers undertaking their debut on the ADC stage. They are:

Megan Breguet
Kirby Dewar
Kerry Hobbs
Jana Kolacz
Elyssa Mahr
Kim McConachy
Xavier McGettigan
Monique Powe
Dimi Sunderland
Jacinta Van Etten
Jaime Unmack

Tickets for (dis)connect are available now!
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About (dis)connect

Attitude Dance Company presents:
an original dance theatre production

Directed by
Xavier McGettigan

Music by
Josh Woodward


2:00PM & 8:00PM

Love, media, work, friendship and life bring us all together yet can tear us apart.

Are we more or less connected now than ever before?
Should we let people in or leave a quiet place for ourselves?
Why do we sometimes fight the human urge to reach out to one another?
How do we navigate a world where we are more connected than ever, yet somehow we are left feeling increasingly isolated?

The cast of ADC's latest work explores these themes through the medium of dance, both dynamic and tender with emotion and humour, featuring the talented youth cast of Attitude's Winter Holiday Workshops after the success of their recent Summer Holiday Workshops culminating in January 2018's On The Move.

(dis)connect confronts our most basic need and common fear, connecting with each other at the beautiful Shenton Performing Arts Centre.