Name: Xavier McGettigan

Age: 25

Favourite movie:
La La Land

Favourite TV show:
So many! Steven Universe, Nichijou, Avatar, 30 Rock, Buffy, Happy Endings or Parks and Rec, I just can't choose.

Favourite musician: 
Perfume, Breakbot, Vulfpeck, Sistar, Woodkid, Dodie, Jim O'Rourke, Jamie Cullum, Sondheim, and more; I still can't choose!

Favourite colour: 

Favourite dance style: 
Contemporary or Disco

Smooth or crunchy?
Smooth! (I seem to be in the minority here)

Where are you from? Where did you grow up?
I grew up between Geelong and Ballarat, living in Leopold. I currently live in Belmont.

How did you get into dancing and/or performing?
My mum would have to stop me from dancing to an aerobics DVD, and it just so happened our next door neighbour was a dance teacher. Mum asked her where I should go for dance classes and I never stopped. In high school I started getting serious about music (I play the clarinet) and almost quit dancing! But a good friend of mine told me about a show I should audition for (GLTS's The Producers) and I found a new passion for dance and theatre.

What's your favourite/best performance you've been involved in? Any other highlights?
I have a few highlights, including as a performer, West Side Story (Footlight), Spring Awakening (Parcell), A Few Good Men (Geelong Rep), Fall: Catch Me (Blink's Soft Landing) and playing sax and dancing in Stage Art's Saturday Night Fever. As a choreographer, Headcase (ADC), the Wedding Singer (Altona City Theatre) my 11-minute career assessment performance at Full-Time and of course last year's ADC production of SIGNIFICANCE.

What's your experience with Attitude been like in the past?
Attitude is my baby, I came up with the name in 2008 while I was still in high school, and started it the following year with a group of 6 dancers. Then it grew and grew as Attitude Dance School, with some amazing people, great shows and I have amazing memories of everything, but especially for our holiday workshops. I had a bit of time off running ADC until last year's production of SIGNIFICANCE, but now we're back! I'm so excited for the future of ADC with past, future and present performers, and to share our next projects with the world.

Where have you studied?
I graduated from the Full-Time Professional Development Course at Jason Coleman's Ministry of Dance in 2012.

What do you do for work?
When I'm not running ADC rehearsals, classes or all the behind-the-scenes work involved in the company, I'm a freelance choreographer for theatre, schools and dance schools, as well as the occasional performing. Lately I've been doing more music work as well, next February I'll be the Musical Director for Gilligan's Island the Musical.

What are your interests outside of dance?
I love music, playing clarinet, sax and piano, and acting has become more of a passion lately, but otherwise I enjoy video games, jacksepticeye and other youtubers reading, good coffee, craft beers and cartoons that are totally for adults like Steven Universe and Gravity Falls.

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