Name: Mikkayla Hornsby

Age: 24

Favourite movie:
As sad as this is my go to and favourite movie is Miss Congeniality

Favourite TV show:
I am obsessed with Friends! 

Favourite musician: 
I don't really one favourite musician.

Favourite colour: 

Favourite dance style: 
Commercial Jazz... or Contemporary... Both?!

Smooth or crunchy?
I hope we are talking about Peanut Butter... Definitely Crunchy!

Where are you from? Where did you grow up? 
I am from and grew up in, what was once the small town of Sunbury. Sunbury has since grown a lot since I was young, but I have some amazing memories of the small country town it was.

How did you get into dancing and/or performing?
I have loved dance my whole life and started dancing and performing from a young age. I started taking classes at a local dance school in Sunbury and found my passion for it there. I grew up being taught by some amazing dance teachers, who I idolised and who really helped shape me as not only a dancer but as a person.

What's your favourite/best performance you've been involved in? Any other highlights?
The most memorable performance I have been involved in would be a major collaborative contemporary dance piece that I put together alongside some other incredible dancers during my final year at Deakin University while studying my Bachelor of Dance. This piece of work was the final part of my degree and took a year to put together. I had the privilege of working very closely with some other amazing contemporary dancers and choreographers who are now life long friends. This contemporary work was the final massive performance of my degree and I received outstanding results for it. It is something I will never forget and was one of the most intense and rewarding performances and pieces of work I have ever choreographed and performed in.

What's your experience with Attitude been like in the past?
This is my first time working with Attitude and I am loving every minute of it! The cast members of this return season of SIGNIFICANCE are all beautiful dancers and people, with their own unique aura and style. I have been made to feel very welcome and am very excited to be a part of this amazing cast.

Where have you studied?
I started studying dance at a local dance school in Sunbury as a child. Once graduating I went on to study a Bachelor of Creative Arts at Deakin University in Burwood where I majored in dance and also took on extra university units in health science. I completed and graduated my degree with High Distinction in 2014. I decided I wanted to further my dance training and so from here I went on to train full time in dance at Dance Factory. After completing my full time dance training I began studying a Masters degree in Education at Deakin University.

What do you do for work?
I have recently followed my dream of becoming a dance studio owner and have opened up my own studio, Bound Dance, alongside my beautiful fiancé and fellow SIGNIFICANCE cast member Bec Nutter. I co-direct and teach all of our wonderful students at Bound and am loving it! I could never imagine my life not teaching dance. As well as owning and teaching at my own dance studio I also work at Bloch fitting dance and pointe shoes and assisting dance teachers and students with dancewear.

What are your interests outside of dance?
Dance is such a huge part of my life that I don't really have many other interests outside of it. I do however love spending time at the beach and love the water! Paddle boarding with my fiancé is something I really enjoy doing during my down time, as well as just relaxing in some small café by the water with a good coffee.

What inspires you?
I have had a few strong influential dance teachers during my time as a dance student who really shaped me into the dancer and person I am today. These incredibly talented and creative people will last with me forever and I still to this day am inspired by them and everything that they have achieved and taught me. However the biggest influence in my life as both a dancer and as a person is my beautiful fiancé and fellow SIGNIFICANCE cast member Bec Nutter. I always find myself in awe when I watch her dance and am struck by her deep love of performing and teaching. I am so lucky to have a life partner who shares the same passion as me and who continues to motivate and inspire me to better myself as a dancer, teacher and choreographer.

Tell us some fun facts about you: 
I guess the most 'fun' fact about me would be that if I never pursued a career in dance I was going to study physiotherapy... not that fun of a fact... Or that I completely broke both my tibia and fibula bones in my left leg as a 5 year old and was restricted to a wheel chair and unable to walk for 4 months... yet this has never affected me dancing throughout life... again not a very 'fun' fact...

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