We’d released the diaries of most of our Dear Diary cast, so here are the last three, featuring two in their ADC debut! Get to know them a little better by reading below:

Esther Francavilla


Dear Diary,

Today was the first warm day we have had since summer. I woke up sweating under the sheets. This was unpleasant at first but I soon realised it was going to be a nice day, so I was okay with it.

I cooked and ate my omelette, tidied the kitchen (I don't like leaving dishes for the night time) and put my face on, took 10 minutes to decide how my hair would permit me to wear it and gathered my things.

I often leave with five bags in my hand. Today was going to be a typically long day so I needed all my prepped meals, dance things, work bag and off to work I went. It took me about 30 mins to get to work from Ocean Grove, the traffic building up slightly towards Geelong.

I work as a Podiatrist and work with a small team in a private clinic. Today was filled with a mixed case load, a few challenges and copious cups of tea. I popped on my joggers at lunch and took in the beautiful waterfront view. It really is a pretty site. The water was especially silky and glistening today.

By 6pm, I had finished all my daily tasks and it was time to switch off for a while.
Before going to my evening dance rehearsals, I snuck in a quick Netflix session and mindless scrolling through social media… terrible, I know.

It was dark as I drove home and a fresh chill filled the air... a perfect Autumn day. I was relieved to finally be laying cosily in bed with my last cup of tea.

Until next time,


Tara O’Donnell


Dear Diary,

This morning I woke up and headed to work at The Coffee Club in Torquay - perks of living ten minutes down the road meant I got a bit of a sleep in (if you can call 6.40am a sleep in?) You'd think being a barista I couldn't wait to make my morning coffee, but personally I find coffee to be the most disgusting thing in the world!

After work I headed home to get in a quick bit of Uni work in - I have my last assignment due for my first semester of a Bachelor of Education (Prep-10) at the end of this week. It will be lovely to have a few weeks off from travelling to Federation University in Ballarat for classes!

Next I did my usual rush to get some food and get ready to head into Impetus Dance Theatre, where I'm teaching my Kids Contemporary class tonight then assisting a few of the other Groove and Contemporary groups before attending my own senior Commercial, Contemporary and Hip Hop classes. I put in a sneaky Uber Eats order near the end of class, then quickly scoff it down before starting Dear Diary rehearsals. It's was another long but rewarding night of dance.

After dance, I headed home to get a bit of relaxing in! This consisted of me bingeing my favourite show of the week - it honestly changes weekly, but is often Greys Anatomy or something crime-y - with my doggo Scout by my side. I fell asleep on the couch - unsurprising - then headed to bed for a good nights sleep in preparation for another exciting and tiring week of Impetus, Dear Diary and ADC Impact Rehearsals.

Until next time,

Tara O'Donnell xx

Callie Rickard


Dear Diary,

Today I drove from my home in Breakwater to get to work at the Sporting Globe in Geelong. After my busy shift of serving food and drinks to tables, I headed straight over to my other job at Impetus Dance.

After teaching I had my commercial hip hop class with a Impetus, where I also do commercial funk and contemporary classes. After dance I went home and wrote another blog post for Life, Among Other Things and caught up with my housemates day.

Tomorrow I will work another full day and assist a dance class at Impetus, and also do some meal prepping for the week. I also sat down and worked out my units to complete for my Psychology Course at Deakin University.

Until tomorrow,

Callie Rickard

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