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Kerry Hobbs


Dear Diary,

I groggily hit snooze at 6.45, and then at 6.58, still half asleep, I dragged myself to Luke's bedroom to make sure he woke up in time to catch the bus to school. Kass was already awake and almost ready to go, no dramas there. I throw on my ADC hoodie, any chance I can get to represent.

Thankfully, Steve's already said he'd be able to drop the kids at the bus stop so I can hit the road by 7.45 to avoid traffic. I discovered a new way from Lara to Melton South on the sealed road past the Ford Proving Ground, but I didn't go that way today because it's been raining heavily and 2km's of that road is dirt.

It's freezing today and I'm guaranteed to have yard duty. I can't get over how much traffic is in Melton South since I last worked at MCC, eight years ago. First up, 7 SOSE and 7 Japanese, where I discover I'm teaching ex-collegue’s and ex-student’s kids. This past CRT stint has been a mind blower for that reason. Awesome bunch of kids. P.E is up for the rest of the day, Grade 4's, 2's and Preps. Still out of my comfort zone after all these years, so I give them a dance warm up instead. It's great to get back to work with my fabulous former colleagues.

Another great day at MCC over, I even managed to get a chance to look at the Dear Diary rehearsal videos to practice. I crawled out of the chockers carpark into a chockers Brooklyn Rd, in a hurry to get to my Barre and Contemporary classes at the Loft Dance & Yoga Studio. Steve's awesome parents were able to pick the kids up from school and have them at theirs while Steve was taking private music lessons. Fed them and everything. Bonus. 155k's driven.

Another top day done!

Kerry x

Xavier Robertson


Dear Diary,

Today I woke up at home in Newtown, before heading to work at Gateway Support Services where I’m an assistant manager. I love my job, where I can help people and take part in a really wide range of activities with the clients.

After work, I cooked a fancy dinner, I really enjoy cooking delicious meals for myself and friends and family.

After dinner, I headed just around the corner from home for contemporary class with Stacey Carmichael and commercial jazz with Xavier McGettigan at Impetus Dance Theatre, and then straight into Dear Diary rehearsals at the IDT studio.

It’s a big night of dance, especially after ADC Impact Ensemble rehearsal last night, where I’m a temp member working on Fantasy, the next Impact production.

After dance, I played Celeste on my laptop, but now it’s time for sleep.



Jacinta Van Etten


Dear Diary,

Today I woke up very early to get a class of pilates in before my day begins. After pilates, I headed off to work at Hamlyn Views School. I am an Education Support for moderate to high disability and ensure that these kids get the most out of their schooling experience.

After work, I went to Deakin University where I study a double degree of nursing and midwifery. This day in particular, I was on placement delivering babies and providing care for sick patients.

After a day at placement I travelled straight to dance at Infinite Dance Studios where I complete Jazz, Contemporary and Ballet classes.

With dance all done I went home to study and relax at home with my two dogs Timmy and Milly.

This weekend I am going to go to work at Peter Alexander where I get to wear my pjs. I am also planning on catching up with friends and family.

Lots of love,


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