Name: Christie Walter

Age: 31

Favourite movie:
Too many... way to hard to choose just one!

Favourite TV show:
The Walking Dead

Favourite musician: 
Michael Jackson

Favourite colour: 

Favourite dance style: 
Tap and Jazz

Smooth or crunchy? 
Crunchy all the way

Where are you from? Where did you grow up?
Born and grew up in Geelong

How did you get into dancing and/or performing?
My mum enrolled me in dance at the age of 5. She said she always knew I was going to dance.
Apparently I started bopping to the beat of different songs as soon as I could sit up.
But once I had discovered Michael Jackson's music and video clips (Smooth Criminal was my favourite) followed by Janet Jackson I never looked back.

What's your favourite/best performance you've been involved in? Any other highlights?
Getting involved in Musical Theatre and being able to dance and finding an even bigger love and passion for dance and singing. Really anytime I get to step foot onto a stage and perform... I feel at home. But being able to perform in Wicked was one from my Bucket List... Now i just need to do Chicago and i will be very happy!

What's your experience with Attitude been like in the past?
Great, I have loved getting back into contemporary and being able to take the skills I have learnt from Infinite Dance Studios and put it into dancing with new amazing people.

Where have you studied?
Outside of dance I have completed a Diploma of Photography in 2005. I completed my Personal Training certificate in 2007. In 2010 I became a Remedial Massage therapist, followed by my Spray Tanning and Eyelash Extension qualification. Dance-wise I have danced at several dance schools in Geelong. In 2006 I started at Infinite Dance Studios and have been dancing there for the last 11.5 years. In 2015 I completed my Intermediate Ballet exam followed by my Advanced 1 Exam in 2016. I'm currently learning my Level 8 in the Glenn Wood Tap syllabus.

What do you do for work?
I work at Infinite Dance Studios, as the Administration Manager and Jazz, Tap and Ballet coach. With big and exciting things happening this July!

What are your interests outside of dance?
Spending as much time with my friends and family as I can. Sounds corny but hey, that is me! ;)

What inspires you?
I feel lots of things in life can inspire you if you open up and let them. I am very fortunate to have people in my life (friends and family) that I really look up to and I couldn't imagine my life without them; they inspire me to be the best and strongest person I can be. I believe you should never live your life to the expectations of others and society and to never let anyone or anything make you feel like you are not 'normal', because really... what even is 'normal'!?

Tell us some fun facts about you:
I don't like to take anything too seriously.
I seem to always get myself into many 'awkward turtle' 🐢 situations... If you're lucky I will tell you about some of them... one day...
If my life could be a musical... I would be VERY happy!
When I used to play Netball the ball hit one of my fingers front on. I didn't do anything about it and now I look like I have a pregnant finger.
Oh, and I am 31 and I still have a baby tooth.... I know! Weird!

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