"Ours" Choreographic Proposals

Ours is the second major work for the ADC Impact Ensemble (and the first for 2019), and will be taking place early-mid 2019 in Geelong, Melbourne and (tentatively) Ballarat.

It will be an intimate evening of dance, with 5-15min pieces choreographed by members of the Impact Ensemble. With live music, lots of fairy lights and the audience seated around the performance space, Ours explores the following themes:


The production will feature live music, with the choice of using an acoustic guitar, piano, male singer, female singer or any combination of those four. Recorded music will not be used.

The audience will be seated all around the central performing area, which is important to consider in rehearsal that there is no "front". The audience will be arranged somewhat casually, and the lighting will be quite simple. Xavier, in consultation with the individual choreographers, will design the lighting for the full show.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to send Xavier or Jayson a message or email.
Likewise if you feel like you are struggling to properly articulate your vision, put something basic in and we will give you (and all proposals) a call to chat about it.
Either way, we'll be helping you out through the entire process of Ours with dramaturgy and artistic direction from Xavier as well as scheduling, advice and such being provided by Xavier and Jayson.

Fill out the following form to enter your proposal for Ours.
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