What a big week we've had at ADC! 10 amazing youth performers joined us in a full week of dance, working all day on what was a great performance of Timeless.

We would like to congratulate our youth performers on a fantastic show, we're so proud of your achievements and performances. We gave you a huge task, 10 decades each with their own dance genre in only 5 days and you all met the challenge whilst battling the hot weather brilliantly. Thanks for also being such a lovely, hard-working and fun group of young people. 

Summer Youth Intensive 19

Thank you to our guest performers who came in to perform in an equally wide range of genres, we're so grateful that you so generously gave us your time and shared your talents so enthusiastically. 

A huge thank you to the families, parents and guardians for supporting your young performers in our Summer Intensive, your support and encouragement (as well as the many lifts in and out of rehearsals) is very much appreciated. 

An enormous thank you to the hero of the night, our fantastic MC, Ian Nash-Gilchrist. He went above and beyond with his costumes, jokes and fun facts, as well as some great improvising. We are very lucky to have had him hosting our show. 

Thanks to Janette and Fiona for making our Front of House run so smoothly, you're both such an important part of the ADC experience. Thanks also to Megan and Tara who supported us with a multitude of tasks. 

Timeless Production Team

A very big thank you to the Dream Team of Xavier, Elyssa and Jayson, what an achievement this week has been and all your work has paid off so well. Congratulations on another very successful holiday program.

Thank you to everyone involved in our Summer Intensive and Timeless, we'll see you all again in Winter!