We raided the diaries of our Dear Diary cast, read below to find out more about these amazing performers:

Kim McConachy


Dear Diary,

The second I woke up this morning I knew my muscles would be sore. The casual class I did with Attitude Dance Company last night was amazing and really extended on my technique and skill. Stretching it out today will be necessary to help with getting ready for my class with Debbie Lee’s School of Dance tonight. My cat, Archer, was the one to wake me up this morning with some gentle nose nudges to the face to let me know he’s ready for the day. I no longer need an alarm clock since adopting him!

After a much needed coffee I set off for work. On the way to work I always wonder what the day will bring. Working in childcare always means spontaneity and that each day will be different. The only downside to that is it makes my position of room leader and my task of planning and implementing a program for their learning quite challenging at times. The laughter, smiles and amazing moments with those children make up for it 100 times over. (Plus they love dancing so we often have multiple random dance parties through out a day!)

I checked the weather on my lunch break before getting into the book I’ve been reading lately. It said perfect weather for rainforest trekking and waterfall chasing, so that’s definitely on the cards for the weekend. I must pick up some more washing liquid as there will be mud involved!

Well I best get to stretching and make sure I have everything in my dance bag ready for class!

Kim x

Abbey O’Donnell


Dear Diary,

Today I woke up from the beautiful sun rays piercing through my bedroom window. I went downstairs, put some trash reality tv-show on, made a coffee and cuddled with my doggie Scout.

Then I took my beautiful scenic drive to work, along the Torquay Esplanade and onto the Great Ocean Road until I reached work at the Great Ocean Road Chocolaterie & Ice Creamery. During my shift I served wonderful costumers, scooped the ice cream, organised the desserts, take out all food and drinks, cleaned up the cafe and most importantly worked with a perfect team!

Then I headed to Deakin University to attend my classes and seminars for my Bachelor of Arts. I am doing the course, in hopes to do some type of United Nation's work and hopefully can help change the world for the better.

Then I headed to my dance class / rehearsals which are always so much fun and gives me a break from the more stressful and serious areas in my life. I have such a passion for dance and it’s amazing I get to do so many dances and be challenge and dance with such incredible and diverse dances. What’s really nice is that we are all friends and friendships blossom out of these fantastic shows.

When I got home, I decided which of my favourite meals I love to cook. My favourite meals are butter chicken or anything Mexican! I LOVE spicy food and those are the best cuisines to experiment with and I can put my own spin on it, and all the spices in my cupboard. Then I dined, and again I was having an internal debate of whether I should watch what I've been obsessed with lately: "Queer Eye" or to watch my forever favourite show "That 70's Show".

After writing this at my beloved desk, I am going to get ready for bed. I will read my book of the month to relax and entertain me, at the moment I am reading "I am Malala", which I knew be amazing because I have read her other books and watched her documentary. Basically, I can be a massive nerd, but I love it, I am very grateful for being able to have an educated and I need to take it with both hands and tried to put my footprint in the world.

Abs x

Bonnie Spain


Dear Diary,

The morning commute to Melbourne was not as bad as you’d think. Monday mornings still suck though. Music and podcasts help. At the moment, I am listening to a podcast that interviews different comedians about their writing process and how their jokes work in their set. Another favourite is BudPod, which is only just ridiculous but that’s okay, because I like ridiculous.

Work started off slow. I work as a supervisor at a Cafe in Melbourne. I am about to start studying my level 2 in Wine and Spirits Education, so hopefully soon I can move onto more wine related work.

I love spending Saturdays down around Torquay or the Great Ocean Road, taking photos of what is around me. Recently, I have gotten into analogue film photography, an expensive but rewarding hobby. If the weather isn't too bad this weekend, I might go hiking as well.

Until next time,


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