“Dear Diary” Cast Diary Entries

Please fill out the form below to submit your diary entry. These entries are in place of last year’s cast interviews, and will be presented in groups of three or four at a time on our news page.

The aim of these entries are to let our audience know a little more about you as a cast, and feel more connected to the production itself. The entry should outline “a day in the life” but doesn’t necessarily need to be 100% accurate. To cover all the interesting/pertinent facts, you may need to pretend to have gone to work/uni/dance class/Dear Diary rehearsal all on the same day.

The entry should begin with “Dear Diary,” and be in first person in past tense. An example appears below the diary entry form.

Please refer to the following leading questions for inspiration:

  • Where do you live?

  • Where do you work and in what role?

  • Where and what do you study?

  • Where do you attend dance classes?

  • Do you have any hobbies?

  • Do you have any pets?

  • Do you cook at home?

  • What is your favourite meal?

  • What is your favourite television show?

  • What do you do to relax?

If you have any issues or questions, please contact Jayson or Xavier.

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Dear Diary,

Today I woke up early at home in Grovedale to walk my two dogs, Bart and Lisa, before I headed off to work at the Big Girder Steel Mill. I manage the cafeteria, and make sure everyone has enough food for doing steel-work things.

After work I ate at Kardinia Cafe (they have excellent chips) and went to play a game of racquetball with my team, the Gerbils. I stopped for dinner at Panache before dance class at Geelong Ballet Centre, where I study Hip Hop and Salsa dancing.

After dance, I headed home to play Minecraft and play with Bart and Lisa before meditating in my bamboo garden. Before bed, I’m going to meal prep for the next few days and rest up before another big day at work.

This weekend I’m going to head to Melbourne for a conference on Marine Biology, which I hope to study at university next year.


Gary Oldman xo